Quality and Safety

The central idea and base of all our efforts is the motto: "For our children just the best is good enough." All our employees take pride in following this motto. Because of this all our teddies and plush animals are made in accordance with the highest quality and safety standards. All CLEMENS products have the red triangle as a symbol which guarantees quality and safety of materials used, unique design and careful workmanship.



Many of our teddies and animals have been awarded the "Spiel Gut" sign, which is a well known award in the German toy industry. Children and specialists test the teddies and animals for the materials used, the design, the workmanship, product and environmental safety.

-> All materials we use meet highest quality standards.

-> Clemens uses only hardly inflammable materials in accordance with DIN-Safety-Regulations.

-> All paints uses are non-toxic.

-> All stitches or mounted parts, especially the eyes, are safety locked into place and correspond to severe safety

-> The surface of all Clmens plush toys is washable and in some cases even the whole animal is machine-washable
     up to 30°C.

-> We meet the international safety regulations DIN EN